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Penta-ocean textile machinery - global pacesetter double needle bed warp knitting machine Is a collection of r &d, manufacturing, sales, service as a whole, production series of warp knitting machine, the intelligent fully-fashioned clothing comprehensive national high and new technology enterprise. Existing penta-ocean saide, printing and dyeing, ASHLEY wrote letters in a city apparel, west lake taihu valley science and technology park, Long Hui road digital factory, creates the e-commerce days study, research and development center and so on seven big entities. Most products all over the country provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Canada, Japan, European Union, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Tunisia and other 30 countries and regions.

Penta-ocean spirit

Piety, careful, rigorous, harmonious.

Brand concept

Create civilization, detailed deduction is bright.

Service concept

Standardization, valued, seriation, differentiation, forever beyond our contract.

Business philosophy

Let our wisdom and passion in scientific positioning, through devotion, fine, rigorous,

Harmonious work, create which fascinate you, slowly aftertaste fruit - penta-ocean knowledge creation. To do this

We will diligently, moment also not relax.




Penta-ocean textile machinery skills training
Penta-ocean company "second venture" progress in meeting
Penta-ocean company staff will be early
Penta-ocean company staff will be early
Penta-ocean textile machinery Mid-Autumn evening party scene
Penta-ocean textile machinery Mid-Autumn evening party scene
Penta-ocean textile machinery suzhou employees perform pick oranges
All the staff penta-ocean textile machinery Shanghai textile machinery exhibition in 2014